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Main advantages

High concentration – High pressure feed to reactor block

Our technology nowadays allows operating with inlet pressures to reactor of 3 bar(a). This has enormous advantages compared to low and medium pressures operating systems. The n-butane concentration can reach 2 mol% in feed stream by maintaining low salt temperature. This data is MUCH HIGHER compared to low pressure systems. With such process condition high reaction yield with long catalyst life-cycle can be reached parallel. As a consequence Technobell’s 25.000 tubes reactor has a capacity of min. 25.000 MTPA.

High MA Production Yield and long-term catalyst lifecycle

Thanks to the new Technobell’s double salt zone reactor design and long-term cooperation and common developments with catalyst supplier, Technobell managed to reach very high Maleic Anhydride production yield (more than 102 wt%) in its MA production technology even without off-gas recycling. As the off-gas is not recycled (in case of recycled off-gas the catalyst can damage because of by-product contaminants in the off-gas), the lifecycle of the catalyst is longer compared with other available technologies.

TMP dosing system

Important role of TMP – Trimethyl Phosphate addition is activation of catalyst for achieving of fool catalyst selectivity. Technobell’s own developed Selectivity/Activity Stabilizer (SAS) dosing system is placed into the reactor section and it benefits the process with constant flow and perfect distribution of TMP in reactor, better control of the catalyst operation – stabile catalyst hot-spot, higher yields and plant productivity and longer catalyst lifecycle. The system is also capable of dosing other type of stabilizers like Triethyl Phosphate (TEP) or others.

High percentage of condensed crude MAn in condensing section

Crude MAn recovered in molten form COULD EXCEED 55 weight percentage. This is an important advantage compared to common systems, when the percentage of efficiency in this section is usually 45 % and sometimes can reach 50 % of MAn contained in the reactor off-gases. With this advantage the heat consumption in the recovery systems has been decreased with 12-15% compared with elder aqueous technologies.

Cleaning of Partial Condenser without any shutdown requirement

Careful and inventive process design allows Technobell to avoid quick plugging of the Partial Condenser. The Condenser can be operated continuously for min. 10 days then washed out during a few hours WITHOUT shutdown of the unit. After the cleaning procedure in (without any maintenance cost) the Condenser can be switched back and used for another min. 10 days. Using our own procedures the Condenser can be used continuously during the catalyst life-cycle.

Technology allows the use of any suitable – commercially available oxidation catalyst
Batch or continuous distillation with use of xylene as solvent

Technobell proposes batch or semi-continuous distillation using xylene as a solvent in the azeotropic dehydration phase. This reliable, well proven and simple refining method allows to obtain very good quality of pure product with low solvent losses. Generally both Maleic Acid dehydration and product refining can be solved in one common dehydrator/refiner column. Distribution of these process steps is recommended in case of expansion an old unit (higher capacity demand) or the production capacity exceeds 20,000 MTPA of MAn.

Phthalate based solvent recovery

Up to date recovery (purification) technology recommended in case of high capacity requirements in new plants. Key advantage is high MA product purity with low energy consumption process.

Energy, Utilities and Environment care

Technobell applies a three level steam system:

  • High pressure steam (can be exported or used for electric energy production);
  • Medium pressure steam (can be exported or used for electric energy production);
  • Low pressure steam level.

The environment is protected with two sub systems:

  • Incinerator for waste-gases and heavy-ends,
  • Waste water treatment unit.
Solid Maleic Anhydride product with very low powder content

Technobell applies in its design the best available MA solidification unit that includes a pastillator as key equipment. The recovered product (solid MA pastilles) contains less than 1 % of powder while other technologies can guarantee only much higher values. During normal operation no manpower is required. After start-up the system operates without any manual work or local continuous supervision. The system is completely closed; the Maleic Anhydride vapour emission is close to zero.

  • Other important advantages of the process:
  • Uniform, free-flowing pastilles
  • Closed cooling system, no cross contamination
  • Dust and gas tight system
  • Perfect inertization